About Me

Hailing from a small but vibrant township in Parys – Free State called Tumahole, Mr Prince Neo Ranthaka has established himself as a Business Analyst, Emerging Technologies Consultant, Social Entrepreneur and Author. His talks challenge conventional thinking and have been heard all through out the country by diverse audiences.

Mr Prince Neo Ranthaka is an ordinary member of the Institute of Chartered IT Professionals. He holds a B.Com specializing in Information Systems from the University of Cape Town and a B.Com Honours in Business Informatics (UNISA).

His interests and specialties are M-Health, Information Security, IT Audit, Alternative Leadership Theories, Money Models,  Web Applications and Mobile Applications Development.


Prince has worked extensively in the Public Sector in the fields of Knowledge Management, Information Security, Mobile Health Interventions, Systems Development, Web Management and Training. He subsequently moved to the Private Sector where he oversees the affairs of a well established consulting firm in the Free State Province.