Day 5: The Voice of the Spirit – Domination by the Spirit

In hearing the voice of God, you need to learn how to walk before you learn how to run. We looked at the fact that you walk in the spirit by walking in love and you fine-tune your hearing through immersing yourself in the word of God. The more of His word you hear, the easier it becomes to recognise His voice. These are all a part of foundational things you need to know and make a part of daily life before you can continuously hear what God is saying to you. I would also like you to appreciate these seemingly familiar principles from the bible in the context of the prophetic and hearing God. Because if you will retain the same lens through which you understood them before, you might get to the other end of the series and still not benefit from knowing those principles in hearing from God.

 The aim is to move from the familiar to the unfamiliar when it comes to hearing from God, hence we will revisit some of these topics with a fresh lens of the prophetic. Talking of the familiar, let us continue with our revisit of the three elements that make up a person, the spirit, soul, and body.

We established that your spirit is the God element in you. It is familiar with God and the things of the spirit, it is alive to God and is sensitive to God. When a person is not born again, it does not mean they do not have a spirit. They have an unregenerate spirit. They are spiritually dead, separated with God, and have no ability to perceive anything from God. Their intuition, which resides in their spirit, is insensitive to God. As you continue to walk in love, your spirit increasingly becomes dominant over your soul and body.

When you experience sleep paralysis as a born-again Christian, and you are in that state where you are conscious of your surroundings, but cannot scream or move, that is a classical example of when your body is dominant even though your spirit is alive. This error must be corrected! In this state even when God speaks to your spirit, it is so overshadowed by the carnal nature that you will not be able to hear Him. Your spirit needs to control the whole man. And this is only possible if you are born again.

The soul is also important because it is what stands between the spirit and the body. The spirit is not able to interact directly with the body it needs some kind of intermediary. And the soul, which came about as a result of the spirit touching the body fulfills this intermediary role. In order for the spirit to subdue the body, it uses the soul and in that way, the body is able to obey the will of God. We can then summarise all of this in this manner, the spirit receives revelations from God in its faculty we call the intuition, and the soul and body are there to execute the will of God that is being received by the spirit.

I am in a rush to start looking at the different voices or ways in which God speaks. But before that, on Day 6 we will continue looking at the human spirit and how it has senses or eyes. And once we have established that your spirit has senses, it will then make sense when we talk about the different voices. I hope you are as excited about receiving that information with the same intensity of joy I have in writing these. Wishing you Love and Light on Day 5! God bless you!

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