Day 14: My thoughts on progressive revelation and the so called Déjà vu

It is important to be faithful with each word God gives you and obey it because if you are faithful with one He will entrust you with more. The context of the Bible text from which that principle comes is that of being faithful with worldly riches so that God can trust you with true (divine) riches, it can be found in Luke 16:10-11. I have seen people step into situations, realising they have been in that scenario before or that it seems they have already seen that event before, and they call it déjà vu.

Mainstream science has its explanations for déjà vu, but my conviction about what has happened in a majority of cases, is that their spirit might have picked up the event in advance, impressed it upon their soul, it was stored in their memory and at that very moment, it is being communicated to them through their emotions or feelings. Although they would have dismissed it as nothing or were not paying attention enough to make anything of it when it was first communicated to them. We need to learn to take even the smallest things we hear God say to us seriously, obey them, or document them if we cannot seem to make complete sense out of them. So that we don’t end up reducing these often spiritual experiences to a so called Déjà vu.

Our growth in revelation is gradual as I had previously explained, but also, a revelation in itself is often progressive. God often reveals things to us bit by bit until we get a better and fuller picture of what He is saying to us. One way I act on the seemingly small things I perceive the Lord communicating with me is that I write them down or do voice notes of them. Through the process of writing down strong impressions I get in my spirit, or my dreams, I begin to learn as events happen how everything fits in together. I begin to see the associations and comparisons God uses to talk to me, and it builds on to my revelation. (Look at my article on associations and comparisons for more information on that)

Progressive revelation is well documented in scripture. An example of how God can progressively reveal things to you as you step out in faith can be seen in Joshua 7. There came a time where the Israelites lost a battle because the Lord had said they should not touch or take the spoil. A breach happened because one man called Achan decided to go against this instruction of the Lord, touched the unclean thing, and people started dying because of his sin.

Now, Joshua did not receive the revelation all at once that it was Achan, instead, God progressively revealed to him who was behind this breach in Israel. The bible says “Joshua rose up early in the morning and brought Israel by their tribes and the tribe of Judah was taken” At this point, Joshua still does not know it is Achan, he picks up that it is someone from the tribe of Judah.

The revelation then progresses because after that in Joshua 7:17 he then calls out the family of the Zorites. This is how God will often reveal, not everything is always revealed at one go. What happened next was that he began to call forth man by man within the family of the Zorites and a man called Zabdi was chosen. This is where the word is becoming clearer to Joshua. You should never give up on a word because you do not know all the details, stay with it until the Lord gives you the next detail of the word. Ultimately, in Joshua 7:18, Joshua once more brings forth man by man from the household of Zabdi and the culprit Achan, the son of Karmi, the son of Zimri, the son of Zerah, of the tribe of Judah is singled out!

Looking at the whole experience, if it was today, people would have thought Joshua is not a true prophet. But this is a great example of how revelation can be progressive. You could be feeling the same way, that you only seem to hear God up to a certain point before you are stuck. You dream dreams but are not able to interpret them. You see visions but cannot understand them. You might feel like you lack the anointing for revelation and prophecy. But the truth is that what you lacked was not the anointing or righteousness, what you needed was an understanding of how to unlock your full potential. The key in this regard is to understand progressive revelation. I keep stressing that prophecy is not the ability to know people’s names, their birthdates, address, etc., although I have shared how that can be done by the power of the Spirit of God, but rather, it is understanding and sharing the mind of God. Never allow such details and specifics discourage you in your pursuit to hearing God more clearly.

So bit by bit, letter by letter, precept upon precept, appreciate that God moves progressively in your life. Even in your faith, convictions, and understanding of truths, I hope that you have been progressing over the years and that you are not at the same place you were in when you first came to the Lord. Love, light, and progression to you!

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