Day 11: God, associations, His voice and my memory

You may think your memory is not useful to God, but after that Day 10 segment on associations and comparisons, I hope you now see how God can use not just your imagination, but your memory too. The sum total of your memories resides in your soul. That is, memories are part of your soul. So when we say God can use your memories do not think of them as an entity on their own outside of your triune being.

When God speaks to you through associations and comparisons he will often take those associations and comparisons from this database of images and impressions we call your memory. Before someone says that is not ‘biblical’, the bible in John 14:29 says “He will bring all things to your remembrance” Most of the time the Spirit of God will speak to you from some kind of historical record in your memory that is relevant to what He wants to talk to you about at that present moment. From that memory, He will create the association and your role in all of this is to pay attention to these associations and extract the prophetic revelation.

By the Spirit of God, you are able to remember what you should remember when you need to remember it. So do not go around having anxiety that you will miss an association. If you are paying attention and take your memory as a tool in the hands of a Faithful God who wants to continuously talk with you and guide you, you will begin to understand these dynamics of deciphering between meaningless thoughts, and thoughts that seem random but have a prophetic implication. The attitude of your heart should be a yearning to hear Him and walk in love.

Most of the time you will know it is not you because you do not randomly think about certain things. For example, I wouldn’t randomly think about spinning numbers. But on one occasion, I was in front of a congregation of students. And when I looked at one young man, I saw a wheel with numbers on it spinning. I wouldn’t randomly think of a numbers-wheel in church. When I asked him if he loves numbers, and why I was seeing numbers spinning in front of him, he said he is studying Actuarial Science. And confirmed that he loved working with numbers.  The prophetic word for Him had to do with God using him in the area of financing the work of the Kingdom of God. And being a leader in commerce.

But you see? I knew and understood at that point that God was bringing that memory of a spinning number wheel from a game show I had watched years prior, to communicate something. You need to provide God a database from which He can pull from in order to speak with you. In my case, my past experience was a well from which He drew, but the best well from which God should pull from is scripture. When God begins to draw from your past experience, you should know that you lack enough scriptural reference in your memory for the Lord to speak to you in that area. You should read the word, study it, listen to it, commit it to memory, and let it be a part of your everyday speech! I may not always have the exact reference of scripture, but I have made it a point to commit a lot of scriptures to memory verbatim! I would highly recommend that you do this do!

David says “I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” Psalm 119:11. Hide His word in your heart! Cram it! And you will see how it will assist you to not miss God’s directives. He will begin to use your memory to create associations and comparisons to communicate with you! Love and light to you! God bless you!

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